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SAIL SOLAR Commercial and Industrial Use Hybrid Solar Power Inverter 30KW, 50KW, 100KW, 120KW and 150KW

HPS series hybrid inverter is designed for hybrid energy storage system, it converts DC current generated by battery bank into AC current and feed it into the load/grid, also it can take power from solar inverter or grid to charge battery to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the load

  • Brand Name :

  • Model ID :

  • Communication with BMS :

  • Battery Type :

    Lead-acid or Li-lon
  • Output Voltage (V) :

  • Output Frequency :

  • Size: :

  • Weight :

  • Operating temperature :

    -25 °C~+55 °C -
  • Protection degree :

  • Warranty :

    5 years(10 years is Optional)

SAIL SOLAR Commercial and Industrial Use Hybrid Solar Power Inverter 30KW-150KW

Product Series

Product Series










system connection

System Connection 

HPS series hybrid inverter have a lot of working mode, such as on grid mode, off grid mode, generator mode and PV mode.

Example in on grid mode, User can set load first, when PV energy is sufficient, PV supply priority to load, the remaining to battery. When PV power is lower than lad power, battery discharge automatically. if battery discharged cut off voltage or cut-off SOC (depending on battery type), it will stop discharging, PV and grid supply power to the load together The power supply can be restored when the battery is charged to the set value of battery saturation.

Battery first mode, When the PV energy is sufficient, PV supply priority to battery charge, the remaining to load:

When PV energy is insufficient, the PV charge the battery first. The power grid only supplies all load switch out charging the battery. lt is optional to charge the battery at the same time. If the grid connected backup mode is not discharged or switched to other modes, To maintain electrochemical activity, the battery will enter the discharge state after one week of current limiting charging, and the discharge power will be calculated according to battery specifications.

For more working modes, please contact us to communicate. 


Smart Monitoring Platform

Smart Monitoring System 

Install ShineMaster equipment, then through the web page and APP, you can manage your PV system anywhere, obtain more PV system information, data is shared, Know the power generation and system operation status. remove obstacles more quickly, easy and intelligent operation and maintenance. For comprehensive monitor and manage of your solar system, optimizing the performance of your solar system

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Growatt SPH Series Single Phase and Three Phase Hybrid Inverter 3KW-10KW
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Growatt SPF ES Series Off Grid Inverter 3.5KW and 5KW
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Growatt Residential Use On Grid PV Solar Inverter 750W – 15KW
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SAIL SOLAR Residential Use Off Grid PV Inverter From 1KW to 12KW
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Deye Microinverters Power Ranges From 300W to 2000W with Output Voltage 220V/230V/127V
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NEP Micro-inverter 300W 500W 550W 600W 650W 800W
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