What is advantage of N type solar cells?

Mar 09, 2023

N type solar cells

Advantage 1: high efficiency

The minority carrier lifetime of N-type silicon wafers is at least an order of magnitude higher than that of P-type silicon wafers, which will greatly increase the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current of the solar cells, and bring higher solar cells conversion efficiency; SAIL Solar will start mass production in the first quarter of 2023 the solar cells efficiency reached 25.4%, and will reach 25.8% in the fourth quarter. The future technical route in the post-TOPCon era is also very clear. The conversion efficiency of TOPCon superimposed perovskite in the future may be increased to more than 32%.


Advantage 2: Low attenuation

N-type silicon wafers are mainly doped with phosphorus, and no boron-oxygen atom pairs are formed in the material (that is, the main reason for the light-induced attenuation of P-type solar cells), so the initial light-induced attenuation of N-type silicon cells and solar panel is almost zero. Therefore, the power generation per watt of TOPCon solar cells in the whole life cycle is about 3%-4% higher than that of PERC solar cells 


Advantage 3: low temperature coefficient

Every time the temperature of a traditional P-type solar cells increases by one degree, the output power decreases by 0.4%~0.5%; the power temperature coefficient of SAIL Solar TOPCon solar cells is usually –0.28%/°C, which is lower than -0.45%/°C of conventional and PERC solar cells C -0.45%/°C to -0.35% /°C. The low temperature coefficient means that in the high-temperature operating environment of the solar panels, the TOPCon solar cells has relatively high power generation performance, there by achieving a gain in power generation and reducing the cost of electricity per unit of the system. Since the temperature of the solar cells during operation is 10-40°C higher than the ambient temperature, thanks to the excellent temperature coefficient of the TOPCon solar cells, the power generation per watt can be about 1%-3% higher than that of the double-sided PERC solar cells. 


Advantage 4: Good performance in low light

N-type solar cells perform well in low light, so their modules have a stronger power generation capacity in the morning, evening and cloudy days. Due to the low light effect, the power generation per watt of TOPCon cells is about 0.5-1.0% higher than that of double-sided PERC solar cells


Advantage 5: high double-sided rate

The double-sided rate of TOPCon can reach about 80% (up to 85%), while the double-sided rate of PERC is only 70%+. The single-watt power generation of TOPCon is about 2%-3% higher than that of double-sided PERC solar cells. The power generation per watt of TOPCon solar cells in the whole life cycle is significantly higher than that of double-sided PERC solar cells, and the relative advantage is about 5%-10%.

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